Saturday, December 10, 2011

HyunA TroubleMaker inspired makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone ^__^
sorry for the super late post haha. Finals are just next week so I havent had time to update a lot. Well I did make an inspired makeup tutorial on HyunA's look from TroubleMaker so I hope this makes up for the long Hiatus >__<. well here it is ^__^

So here are some pics after the makeup tutorial <3

If you guys havent seen the MV for TroubleMaker yet then go watch it !!! The whistling is so addicting ^__^ plus they both are just too super sexy <3


  1. Wow such a simple tutorial~ You look really similar to HyunA btw.. haha love the Trouble Maker video.. the clicking/whistling is so addictive and strangely seductive!

  2. you look very pretty :O i could mistaken you for HyunA soon XD

  3. looks great! like the real hyuna :)

  4. Gaaah! So pretty! ^o^ I'll definitely half to try this one day :3

  5. im sorry my eng not so good ... so im not understand so much what u said in ur video ...
    can u tell me what u put on ur eyes ... ?
    thank you

  6. I did a search for Hyuna 'TroubleMaker' and your picture popped and I swear I thought you were here. You are like identical it's crazy. I love this look. Can I post a link on my blog to this post? I wanted to do my makeup like hers for Valentines Day. I think adding a link to your post will complete my post as well.

  7. wow, amazing! it looks the same!

  8. heyy i have tagged you here please read :)

  9. Omg you look just like Hyuna in the photos!!!! *__*
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  10. Wow!! You did a really great job recreating the makeup look. You look so much like HyunA in the pictures.


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