Monday, May 27, 2013

Sally $1 Pink Lipstick Review

Want Dolly lips for $1?
Well Sally's Beauty Store has them for just 1 dollar and they also have many pretty colors to choose from. 
I bought mine at the store but you can also get them online too. 

Color Shade
Name: PHAT
(Baby Light Pink Color)
Size: about 2 1/2-3 inches

Key Points:
1. Pretty shade of pink (Baby Pink)
2. Last up to 2-3 hrs (re-apply after eating and drinking)
3. Does not have a stinky or bad smell 
4. Really pigmented (Color comes out just like how it looks like)
5. Don't need a lip concealer/primer to make it look more brighter       and pink (comes on really well)
6. Small and travels well in your purse


Here's a swatch of the lipstick, you can't quite see it here but the lipstick is not a matte texture it kinda gives that buttery feel and look also it does a a tint of glitter. (Not extremely noticeable but just a small tint. 

The lipstick is so small and cute, I love taking it with me because I can just put it in my little pocket inside my purse and it fits perfectly. 

If you don't have the right shade of baby pink yet try this one out I mean it's just $1 ;)
I got mine at Sally's Beauty the store in my city but if you don't want to bother going to the store or if you don't have a Sally's nearby then you can just order it online. 
Here's the link:

I've had this for 3 months now, even though it's small it will last you for a long time. (Depending on how much you use of course. ;)

Well TTYL in my next blog guys! 
No!!! School tomorrow ><
Memorial Weekend was so short for me. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SHINee be my Princess Fragrance Giveaway

Hello Loves! the site where I get my circle lens is having a 
SHINee Fragrance giveaway on their Facebook page. 

Hehe since I love SHINee too I also joined this giveaway. 

Giveaway Details:

CircleLens2U's "I WANT THIS" Giveaway Contest - MiniMe Shinee~Be My Princess Fragrance !!

3 Easy Steps to Join and Win:

1) "LIKE" our Facebook page (you must be our's fan to win).

2) Share "Public" this Giveaway picture. 
3) Comment & Shout Loud who do you like to bring home 
A) Ms. Holic (Jonghyun)
B)  Ms. Bloom (Minho) 
C) Ms. Sunshine (Taemin) 
D) Ms.Jealous (Onew)
 E) Ms. Bling (Key)

 EXAMPLE: "I WHAT THIS MiniMe Shinee Fragrance~Ms. Bloom (Minho) from Giveaway !! " below this post only. 

Make sure to Share "Public". 

Entry doesn't meet the above rules is void.

Closing date: 31 May 2013 (GMT+8) and 2 winners will be selected and announced on 3 June for this 

Soo cute and lovely MiniMe SHINee ~Be My Princess Fragrance !!

Please do not comment on here because it will not be valid, to enter you much post it on circlelens2u's Facebook Fanpage only

Click on Link:

I already entered this giveaway earlier. I really liked all of them but ended up choosing Jonghyuns cause she had pink hair and it was so cute!

I don't know what happened to jonghyun, is he sick? If someone know please tell me, I'm just wondering like why he's not in performances and even in their new MV. 

So cute! 

Awe I love how Minho is holding Jonghyuns. <3 
That's some bromance there. 

Don't forget to enter and good luck guys! 
Hopefully I can win this too ><
It would look so pretty on my table and I'm curious to how pretty it will smell on me. haha

K TTYL in the next post. <3