Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 New Year's Resolution and Finally a New Blog Post

Hello my fellow bloggers and blog readers, first off I just want to say that I am back on Blogspot and for good this time. So no more blogging and such on my Tumblr Blog anymore, instead that blog will be a picture blog where I'll just post up pictures. The reason why I decided to come back to Blogspot is simple, it is so much better to blog on here than on Tumblr. Tumblr was fun but I just found it complicated and annoying to put my videos and blog all in one, so instead of just having one big blog I had to do them separately which I prefer to have it all in one blog post. I still love Tumblr so that's why I still wanted to keep it and post from here and there.

For those of you guys who are still followers on here and on my tumblr thanks so much it really means a lot. I know I was a big-O slacker in 2012 but one of my New Year's resolution is to definitely try harder to push myself to blog more and make more YT videos (something I've been slacking on too).

Okay so now that we got that over with I wanted to let you guys in on some of my New Year's resolution goals and wants for this new year.

1. Stay in contact with Family and Friends.
- For those of you guys who are still clueless about where I live, I live in MD now, and for those who are new I use to live in Cali. ;)
Of course I miss it back at home and I want to visit very badly but I have to do what I gotta do to stay alive. So for this year a very special goal of mine is to visit my Fam and Friends back at home.

2. Get Toned
 -Eating more healthier and working out more.
- This means trying to avoid Fast Foods places and just eating out in general and start cooking/eating    more at home.
- Work out at least 30 min. each day. (If I miss a day then double that the next day.)
- Eat less proportions of food.
- Drink more water and green tea. (Plain green tea no suger or honey.)

3. Blog/YT more
- Try to blog at least 2-3 times a week.
- Try to make a YT video at least once in 2 weeks or so, if not then just make a cool (worth it one) xD

4. Get into Cosmetology/Beauty School
- Stay motivated and work hard.

5. Use my beauty products that I got.
-Nose up (15 min. each day)
- Face Slimmer (each night)
- Face masks

Well that's some of the big ones for me, some of them might not be listed because I want to update on those later on, but as of now these are my targeted ones. Some might seem like forever to complete but at least I have been putting them in front of me and am trying to achieve them.

Okay let's go to a new topic.
(Change of topic transition.)

So in November (as I recall) I cut my hair at Sun's in Virginia and the results came out very nicely but after a while when it started growing out I noticed I didn't like it anymore so a couple of days ago I jut trimmed off some of the bottom and my bangs. Nothing major just cut the ends straight and my bangs also. Finally some updated pictures for this blog. ;)

 I'm actually going to re-dye my hair and color it in a while so I'll post up pics of the before and after results of my hair. ;) (It will be a big blog post on my hair.)

TTYL in my next post. ^3^