Thursday, April 18, 2013

HimeCastle Wig Review: Natural Long Wavy Curly Wig

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Hi everyone! So today I have a wig review for you guys. It's this nice long synthetic wig that is also heat resistant so you can style it however you may like. Okay so let's jump to the wig details. 

Wig Info

Name: Natural Long Wavy Curly Wig
Color: Model Color (does not specify)
Length: about 24-26 inches (When Straight)
Stock: Instock (no need to pre-order)
Other Colors Available: Ash Brown/Dark Brown/Light Brown/Model Color
Style: Puffy. Curly, Wavy
Synthetic: YES
Heat Resistant: YES (Remember to use low heat)
Bangs: Yes, straight cut bangs

Top part of the wig

(With Flash)

This is why I prefer taking pictures without FLASH because with it you can see every strand of the wig and that's not pretty. This wig is SYNTHETIC that's why it looks likes this but hey for a synthetic wig it can still be used efficiently for taking pictures, just remember try not to use flash when camhoing or doing photo shoots. 

(Natural Lighting)

See what a big difference that was. Now the wig looks 10xs better and prettier. 
I seriously love this wig because I feel like it can be used for a GYARU look or an ULZZANG look. So this picture looks more ULZZANG right, well heres a GYARU look with this same wig. 

Now I'm not saying that just because of this magical wig you can turn into a gal or an ulzzang I mean you still have to do the makeup look for it also. But that shall be in another blog post. ^^ Just trying to say that you can switch it up every so often when you want to look like a gal or an ulzzang. 

Now heres a shot with the wig straight, there was a pic earlier on this blog post but I had a beanie on so heres one without the beanie. This wig just makes me feel so dolly and I super love wearing it. I have worn it out in pubic and not too bad I mean it looks pretty natural but of course not 100% because who in real life has this hair style and its thing full. I mean yeah if they had extensions or other stuff on but real hair naw. If you are still too scared to wear it out then just wear it inside and take pretty pictures (what I do most of the time lol). Here and there I'll wear it out ^^


This wig is pretty long I mean when I straighten it out its passes my boobs and when I don't and just leave it curly then its a little passed my chest area. My overall opinion of this wig is that it's super pretty and that I love it. I like how even though its synthetic you can still do so much with it because it's heat resistant. I have bought numerous wigs on ebay that cost around $18-$29 and even though they were synthetic I couldn't style it as much. For the $29 wig that one was not as great as how it looked like on the picture. At first I was kinda like wow this wig is a bit more curlier than I expected but I ended up liking it a lot because it reminds me of Tsubasa's wig that she always wears for her photo shoots so I starting liking this wig even more because it was really puffy like hers and also cause it was versatile. I mean who doesn't want to attempt to look like Tsu-Chan? I know a lot of girls do. I really think that if you want a nice wig to start off with or to add to your wig collection give this one a try I mean there's different colors if you don't like this one. I do like this style on the wig because it's really DOLLY like and I love that FULL head look like you have a big head and have a lot of hair. So what do I give this wig, a 9/10. Not a perfect 10 because I'm picky at times. LOLS 

Want this wig? 

Link to the wig I have on:   
Natural Long Wavy Curly Wig

Link to their website: (HIMECASTLE)

If you liked this wig then please go look at what else they have it's super addicting because they have so much more cute wigs and they also have circle lens, cosmetics and etc. 

Okay Please read this! Not trying to say that I look like Tsubasa or anything but just wanted to show you guys how this wig looks pretty similar to Tsu-chans wig that she wear. Although it is slightly different you can still pull off that blonde dolly look with this wig. ;)

Looks kinda the same but as you can see hers is a little shorter when its curly and its a bit more bigger or puffier on the sides. Ehhh SEEMS LEGIT. 

I decided that I'll do an O.O.T.D post on my look with the beanie so that will be up soon also. Plus other reviews and giveaways. ;) So stay tuned to my blog and remember to follow my blog if you enjoyed this post. ^^ TTYL bye guys 

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to review this wig from, they simply sponsor me a wig and I review it with 100% honest personal opinons. 


  1. Really nice! This type of hair suits you very well!

  2. The wig looks really good on you. At first, I really thought that it was all natural. Couldn't quite tell the difference. The price is okay too. Think I 'll buy one too. Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you, yes it's pretty natural cause you can adjust it very well. ;) also your welcome <3

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I love how you can style it differently ^^
      thank you for dropping by. ^^

  4. I really loved the wig and the long natural curls blowed my mind. I tried searching few similar wigs on and I'm placing my order with them soon.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Your welcome thank you for dropping by. ;)

    2. BTW you are really very beautiful.

  5. The Natural Long Wavy Curly Wig looking very nice.Thanks for sharing this post....


  6. So pretty! it looks natural on you!

    1. Thank you Sweetie and yes it is really natural looking. ^^

  7. waaaa that's such a nice wig! It definitely reminds of Tsubasa's look and it suits you well =^.^=

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  11. wow! the wig looks amazing! I want this too! So cute~~ hehe

  12. Beautiful!!! I love it!! Looks really good! I think i can't find any wig like this one on eBay... :(

  13. Nice one. It really suits you.

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