Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to a Blonde

Hi everyone! So if you guys follow me on my FB, Instagram, or Twitter then I'm sure you guys already know that I'm back to a Blondie now. 

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It's been about almost a month now since I bleached my hair and already my roots are growing out. This is probably the 4th time that I've bleached my hair btw, I know I know it's bad but hey I want my hair to be lighter and there is no other way for you to have light light blonde hair unless you bleach it.
So if you guys want to know how I got my hair color then please keep reading. ^.^ 

*Before & After Bleaching*


Products Used:
1.  Salon Care Prism Lites Lightener Blue 1oz.  
(I used 2 packages for my hair.)

If you are wanting to go for a really light blonde then I suggest you getting this bleach for your hair. It has a really nice green apple scent to it and it lightens up your hair really well. I've tried L'oreal's Bleach and it wasn't that great, it made my hair feel grassy afterwards and the smell was too much for me. If you have short to medium hair then I think the packages should be enough for your hair since you are going to be mixing it with developer, but if you have really long hair then I suggest you to get the big 1lb tub that they sell for $20.

2. Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 20 Volume 8 oz.
(I only used 1 bottle.)

I usually always use only 20 Volume Developers because I don't want my hair to be any more dead than it already is. So my best advice is don't go higher than 20. ;) 
Combine those two babies together and wahlah your hair turns light. Now the next thing of course is choosing a nice hair color to color your hair. I've always wanted to have that really nice Ashy tone but I just feel like after it fades I'm not sure if it will look as good anymore so instead I chose the color 
(Light Ash Blonde).

Hair Dye Products: 
1. Ion Color Brilliance 
Shade/Color: Light Ash Blonde
(Used 2 for my hair)

This color was so pretty when I had it on for a couple of weeks but after I kept washing my hair the color started to fade away. My hair at first was this really pretty ash blonde that was nowhere near to an orange tone, which made me really happy because I wanted an ash tone. Now it's faded and the ash isn't really noticeable as before. The thing about having light hair is that it's always different colors due to the lighting. When I'm outdoors it sometimes has an orange tone to it but still with some ash tone, then when I'm indoors it looks more of an ash tone than an orange tone. (My hair color is complicated.)
It's been almost a month now since I did my hair and I've gotta say I like having dark hair but light hair is just too irresistible to not have. 

Ending Results 

The color looks more orange toned when I use flash but in real life it's more of an ash tone than orange.

* I've been getting a lot of people asking me what I use for my hair and how my hair is still not as dead as some people when I have bleached it so many times, and for that I have to save it for another blog post but no worries I'll have it up. ^.^


It's been almost 2 months now since I did my hair and the color has faded and now it's an orange tone and my roots are black so I'm going to be dying and touching up on my roots soon. I will update on my new hair color. So until then TTYL. ;) 

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  1. Oh, the blonde is so pretty! Loving it! ♥
    I have to say I'm a bit scared of cokoring my hair because it tends to damage... I'm already scared when using a curlihg iron xD

  2. Have you tried using a purple shampoo to help tone it while you showered? I went blonde for a while and yeah it was a battle to redo the roots all the time~ love the blonde on you though :D

  3. @MOMO thanks hun, yeah I want to go to the salon to get some treatment in my hair but it's so expensive but when I can afford it then I definitely want to go do that. ;)

  4. @DEARX Wow I never heard of that method but can you recommend some products for me that would be awesome! I would love to try purple shampoo to tone it down. ^^

  5. You suit both dark and light hair colors! Good to know that it isn't as orange irl as in the pictures. Also, I really like your header photo btw ^^

  6. You look cute in light or dark! You're very lucky your hair is able to withstand it though, I wish I could go light, but I really don't think I could do it ;___; I look forward to your hair care post!

  7. Last year, I decided to go blonde, I have naturally black hair, so you can see where I am coming from..
    I bleached my hair 4 times and It turned out perfect, I didn't even have to tone or anything, though I did use a purple shampoo (just in case), It was silky and shiny... however I was getting sick of those damn forsaken dark roots! so I wen't to an ash brown (Worst decision ever) After that dye my hair was severely dry it was breaking and falling out :'/
    I vowed never to mess with my hair again.
    and now I'm back to black...
    How was your transition from blonde to a darker color?

  8. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed my stay here on your blog <3