Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My lovely BF came to visit me

So this weekend was a blast. My bf Ryan, came to visit me all the way from New York. So for the people who has just started following me and dosnt know much, I met my bf at a concert in New York. This concert was not any regular concert but it was a concert by GIRUGAMESH!!! My favorite band of all time. I love them. I can truly say that no other Visual Kei/Jrock band can ever replace them. They have been there with me through the rough times and the happy times so thats why i really admire them. Check them out if you havent heard them yet. Hope they can inspire you.

Girugamesh Members=(Nii, Ryo, Satoshi, Shuu)

So this is Satoshi, the vocalist to Girugamesh. I admire him so much. His voice is so beautiful and amazing. Seeing him Live in N.Y was the best thing thats ever happened to me.

                                                                  Music Video:
                                                       Girugamesh - Puzzle (Live) 

So that was a little info on Girugamesh for those who didnt know who they were.

Okay now onto my 4 day love story with Ryan <3.

So this was how I did my hair and makeup for the 1st day that Ryan came to see me on Friday.
Just curled my hair and used hairspray. Circle lens are the Princess MIMI Apple Green. I really love these because there so comfy and they look amazing.

2nd Day : Me and Ryan went to the Fair. We first bought some cotton candy that was so expensive LOL. Then we took some pictures. These pictures were taken when we were on the ferris wheel. HAHA his DERP face!!!

We went to the fair at around 8pm and stayed until they closed. The wristbands were so expensive ($35). But it was fun overall. We ate this hot dog and then decided to ride another ride. (BIG MISTAKE) lol. We totally ended up with bellys that hurt haha,.

My eyes totally hurt so im going to finish this up tomorrow okay. Night everyone. MUAH


  1. omgod you guys are so adorable!! and you guys both look really pretty XD<3<3<3 I love visual kei!! I've never heard of this band but I think I'll look into it ^o^

  2. Oh quite cute :) that's pretty cool how you met your boyfriend from a concert ! How long have you guys been going out for ?
    & I just checked out the song and it was pretty rad ! Thanks for sharing about this band. I'll definitely look into them more ^^

  3. U're super cute! i adore u so much :*

  4. OMO ^^^^^^

    Such cuties <3 reminds me the day me and my bf first experienced riding a Ferris wheel <3

    I like his circle lenses ^~^

  5. You're so lucky you got to see Girugamesh live, I wish they would have came to California :[ Satoshi is my favorite, I agree with you when you say he is amazing.

    The lenses look great on you, and the pictures are adorable<3 :]

  6. You and your bf look perfect together! A gyaru and a visual kei <3 aww! & I love Girugamesh~ My favorite visual kei bands are Alice Nine and ViViD and Girugamesh :)

  7. yo! you are Hmong? My work place treats their traditional products and I just love them so much! I knew you now live in California tho:) I thought you were Japanese lol

  8. You're a gorgeous couple!

    I love your look and even though I'm caucasian, I think that gyaru look suits me since I have almond eyes :)

    But there's a big problem here, :P how can I wink with the other eye completely open? Yeah it may sound weird LoL but I want to look kawaii in pics!

    Thank you very much,

    lots of love,


  9. I love Girugamesh too!! :)