Sunday, October 2, 2011

Princess Mimi Apple Green

So now too long ago i received my 2 pairs of circle lens from
and one of the lens I chose was the Princess MIMI Apple Green. These lens are so pretty. I love them. The design is so nice and vibrant.

Lens- Princess Mimi Apple Green
Diameter- 15.0
Brand - Geo
Rating - 10/10

Overall these lens are really natural looking and the comfort level is great. Feels good, dosnt irritate my eyes, i can wear them up to 8 hours.

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Check out their lovely website ^__^

Here are some pictures of me wearing them  ^^

Please remember to check out my youtube video review of these lens. I'll be posting it up soon.
Thanks everyone ^__^


  1. I love it! How many lenses do you have haha =p?
    And may i ask what for program you use for editing your pictures?


  2. @ ley kimberley - well im not sure but more than 7 pairs HAHA.
    Also i use photoshop ^__^

  3. Love the pics~ You look so cute ^^

  4. You have soooooo many contacts from what i assume from the amount of lens reviews you make >_____> *jealous*

    You're so cute! :D I have those lenses but I feel like it looks too harsh on me T-T it looks pretty on you though...and like...everyone else.. ;-;